We love technology. We love games.

And we love collaborating, identifying interesting challenges, and figuring out what we can build to help solve them. Above all, we like to keep it simple and do it well.

At Core X, every project starts with a planning phase during which we prepare a “high concept” containing a brief description of the project as well as preliminary visuals and mood boards.


The design phase is focused on ideas and concept development. The goal of this phase is to produce documentation that describes all the tasks and schedules.


This is the main stage of development and is structured according to milestones (e.g., first playable, alpha, beta). We produce all the assets (audio, video and interactive content) and source code during this phase.


We consider the launch to be the most important phase in a product’s marketing strategy, so we plan every last detail thoroughly.


A successful product must have a carefully planned strategy for achieving its goals – and the client’s as well (e.g., lead generation, maximizing sales, etc.).


Quality assurance plays a significant role in all development stages as well as post-development. The launch may be the end of development but it’s also the beginning of support and maintenance, areas where Core X also plays a decisive role.