15th Anniversary Core X Group

We've come a long way in just 15 years. We've seen the birth of social networking, the slow death of wires, and the growth of both entertainment and business technology to the point that the gadgets, computers, and instruments we use today in both work and play look far, far different than those we used back in 2000. Our pockets are emptier, but the few items inside them can do more than ever. Our televisions are thinner, but their screens display several times more detail. Our storage devices are smaller, but they hold massive amounts of data. These technological advancements represent the biggest, most influential changes we've seen in consumer electronics in the last decade.

We’ve seen Nintendo’s Wii conquer living rooms. We’ve seen casual, browser and Facebook games delight scores of new gamers. We've seen the rise of the iPhone, the iPad and Android, which have greatly expanded the gaming space. Nothing is like it was fifteen years ago and the game industry has reinvented itself twice over in this short period of time.

Due to the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies today we face one of the most important changes in games. And as in the past, Core X also pioneers in this young segment of the industry.

Core X Group looks back on very successful decades in which we developed more than 50 games with and for partners and clients like Nickelodeon, Fiat, Vodafone, Bigpoint, Gameforge, DeNA and Deutsche Bahn. And we also look forward – to new advances, to new challenges, and to many more successful projects in the future.

  • The first Core X Group company was founded in 2005 by Alex Suarez

  • Game Developer and Publisher

  • Advergames and Casual Games Pioneer